Call for Papers
Living in an era dominated by documentaries,reality TV shows,first-person narratives like autobiographies, memoirs, etc., we have a burning thirst for reality as David Shields boldly declares in his 2010 Reality Hunger. Not surprisingly, this shared longing for reality, despite a dazzling amount of reality-based media as well as many other cultural and literary products around the world, is also intellectually registered by a resurgent interest in realism in the past decade. Emerging from an imperative to revisit, reassess and reconfigure the variables and potential of the allegedly outworn 19th century literary concept as the realism/modernism divide subsided and a post-anthropocentric shift to materialism invites an expanded vision on a longer time-scale, an impressive scholarship of realism has risen including Fredric Jameson’s The Antinomies of Realism (2013), Alison Shonkwiler’s Reading Capitalist Realism (2014) and The Financial Imaginary: Economic Mystification and the Limits of Realist Fiction (2017), to name just a few, and not to mention Novel’s 2016 special issue on Worlding Realisms and MLQ’s 2012 special issue on Peripheral Realism.
Invited Speakers
Cultural Encounters
The travel of critical realism (Dickens, Balzac, Gorky, etc.)
Permutations of socialist realism
The reception of Magic Realism in China
Chinese realistic literature in the world
Post-1945 Realism(s) in Literature
Diversity of realism
Hallucinatory realism
The return of realism after postmodernism
Realistic literature in different parts of the world
Poetics of Realism
Ethics and realism
Mimetic stance vs. constructiveness
Modes of representation
Realism and truth
Realism and humanism/posthumanism