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WANG Shouren (Nanjing University£©


Wang Shouren (PhD, London) is Nanjing University Distinguished Professor, and Director of Center for the Study of Contemporary Foreign Literature and Culture. His research interests are literary history, contemporary British and American fiction, and English education in China. He writes in both English and Chinese, and his publications include The Theatre of the Mind (Macmillan), Gender, Race and Culture (Peking University Press), A History of British Literary Criticism (Nanjing University Press) and Literary Realism and Postmodernism in the Post-WWII Historical Context (Yilin Press). 

Manifesting Reality in the Context of China¡¯s Cross-Cultural Encounter with Realism


Chinese realist literature is both a product of cross-cultural translations and transaction, and of continued efforts by Chinese writers to find indigenous ways to write about reality. On the one hand, China¡¯s encounter with realism and its variations, socialist realism and Magical Realism, facilitates transformations and self-rejuvenation in response to foreign stimuli. On the other hand, Chinese realist literature is historically embedded in the course of China¡¯s pursuit of modernization in the past two centuries. Literary realism in China is conceived as manifestation of certain reality which amounts to underlying pattern or inner-truth, not mere representation of life as it appears to be.