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Karen-Margrethe Simonsen (Aarhus University)


Karen-Margrethe Simonsen, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Aarhus University. Director of the Ph.d.Programme for Art, Literature and Culture, Aarhus University. President of the committee under ICLA: Comparative History of Literature in the European Language, responsible for the Project Landscapes of Realism with Dirk Goettsche as PI. Some of publications: ¡°Heterogeneic Time. An Anachronistic and Transcultural Rethinking of Eurochronology¡±, Arcadia, 2018, (co-ed.) Discursive Framings of Human Rights. Victimhood and Agency in process, Birkbeck Law Press, 2016



Anachronism in the Realisms of Latin America:

A Comparison between Garc¨ªa M¨¢rquez and Roberto Bolaño.


Both Garc¨ªa M¨¢rquez and Roberto Bolaño have been read as writers of world literature whose novels both in a formal and a thematic way open up to the world. Less attention has been given to the question of time and historicity in these two writers, especially in Bolaño . In the paper, I will discuss how anachronism as it has been conceptualized in art history by Mieke Bal and Didi-Huberman, can be used as a concept for the historicity in the two writers and how this concept remodels our understanding of realism. The two novels, I will talk about will be 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garc¨ªa M¨¢rquez and 2666 by Bolaño. I will also draw on the short story ¡°El gaucho insoportable¡± by Bolaño.