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Svend Erik Larsen (Aarhus University)


Svend Erik Larsen, professor emeritus, Comparative Literature, Aarhus University, and Changjian Visiting Professor, Sichuan University. Vice-President of the Academy Europaea. Latest book: Literature and the Experience of Globalization, Bloomsbury 2017.



Landscapes of Realism: Ideas and Strategies of a New Project on Realism.


The paper will discuss the foundational ideas of the content and the working process which have nurtured the project Landscapes of Realism, under the auspices of the International Comparative Literature Association and financed by the Leverhulme Foundation, UK, with Dirk Goettsche as PI. Realism is conceived as an aesthetic experimental exploration of the new secular and constantly changing reality which established itself in Europe during the 19th century and affected all aspects of human culture. Experiment is the key word, not representation. The project also take the globalizing effects and transformations of Realism, its vicissitudes in the 20th century and its dissemination across media and art forms.