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ZHOU Xian£¨Nanjing University£©


ZHOU Xian is Yangtze River Chair Professor at School of Arts, Nanjing University, China, where he was also associate vice-president, and is founding Dean of Institute for Advanced Studies. He is Vice President of China Aesthetics Association and Vice President of China Literary Theory Association. His research interests are aesthetics, literary theory, art theory, and visual culture. His book publications include From Literary Discipline to Cultural Critique (2014), Cultural Representation and Cultural Studies (2014), The Turn of Visual Culture (2008), and Critique of Aesthetic Modernity (2005), and he has published many articles and book chapters in Chinese and English journals and books. He is co-editor of series on the humanities and Journal of Cultural Studies in China.

The Crisis of Representation and the Modernity of Realism

¡ª¡ªFrom the Perspective of Mutual Corroboration Between Western Art and Literature